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    Learning new things in life is always fun when done with great enthusiasm and zeal. The spirit of learning is increased when we have teachers of the same energy and power. Though it is not that we learn everything from teachers or trainers, getting the best is a blessing indeed. There are institutes to learn every skill you want, but if you want to learn driving, Mountain Driving Academy will serve you the best.

Welcome to Mountain Driving Academy

Mountain driving Academy is one of the prestigious and well-established driving school in the region. Providing you with the best driving lessons with experienced faculty, reasonable and pocket friendly packages in your selected area is our only motto.

Cities We Served

We serve Surrey, Cloverdale, Langley, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Maple Ridge and Delta.

Oh! Don't you live in the area mentioned above? Then, don't worry at all. You can contact us, and we will arrange special driving classes Should be you not us because we don't want you to miss the best driving lessons from the best driving school.

Mountain driving Academy is serving and delivering incomparable and reliable driving lessons for your personal and professional use. The driving skills learnt here will surely groom you to be the best. We provide practical training on-road practices that will surely help you learn best. We will also guarantee the safety of all our students.Our driving lessons include a systematic and customizable program that will provide you with experience driving in any area of the world.

Being it a car driver, we offer a one-to-one comprehensive learning package. Learning all techniques of modern driving is our sole aim. We will surely let you know the benefits of being with a prestigious and best driving school. We are always providing service to improve the professional skills and experience of the drivers. We are always ahead of all to provide you up-to-date driving license.

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Why choose Mountain Driving Academy?

Though there are many reasons for choosing us yet we can specifically mention what makes us different from others.


Driving in your comfort and safety is our main motto. Therefore, we not only focus on road tests and clearing them but also on learning skills throughout life. Lessons learnt with dedication and concentration remains with you for your whole life; this will make you a safe driver.


A trained, experienced, licensed and cooperative faculty is our key feature. Providing knowledge that can be gained forever and can be utilized practically very easily is our prime aim. Our faculty provides all driving lessons in a very friendly atmosphere. Lessons learnt with your friends like teachers are learnt in a much better way. Those driving lessons are useful for you to drive a car also very easily.

Highly Professional

Just passing the time and gaining nothing is just banned in our driving school. We solely provide professional yet easy to learn driving lessons and get your desired results easily. We will help you learn driving at its best and guide you to get your license very easily. We sincerely work for your betterment.

Money saver

A comparison with other driving schools will surely help you know that our driving packages are much pocket friendly than others. Our step-by-step learning program will help you to learn to drive easily and faster. Moreover, we do not hurry in giving you new driving lessons without prior testing of previous or old lessons; this will make your learning better and strong.

Slow but steady

Yes! You got it right. We can provide you with a driving lesson at a very steady pace. It might seem slow in comparison to others but will give you fast results. Our systematic and organized structures of driving lessons are designed in such a way that you can learn your lessons forever. In addition, we try to let you learn the lesson in a cool and calm manner; this will make your learning better and strong.

There may be many more things about us to ensure your safe driving, but we can say that giving quality lessons on driving in a cooperative and friendly manner with saving your time and money makes us one of the best driving schools in the area. In addition, giving you driving lessons from trained and experienced staff will help you trust us and tell others about us.

Package Fees and Hourly Rate

To make your learning easy, we had made policies to contact us and packages for you in a very genuine manner. We do not want your money to be wasted. So, our fees include tax, fuel, pick up and drop off from home, office, school etc. The only condition we have is depositing the fees to the instructor before the lesson starts, and to make our policies clear to you, we are sorry that we do not accept cheques and credit cards at that moment. ICBC fees are not included in the fees. You have to pay an extra travel charge if you are travelling to or from other cities. Kindly note that we also rent cars for road tests. Please contact us for details.

1-hour new driver skill assessment/training

  • 1.5 hours training-$105

10 lessons – 10 hours training

  • Recommended for beginners
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Ready For A Safe, Fun Driving Experience?

To be very efficient and systematic, our driving school follows a proper method and all the government's guidelines, which helps us bring the best results and make us reliable. Moreover, our driving school follows a special plan for each category: first-time, teenage drivers, new adult learners, or existing drivers with lapsed licences.

Best Safety Measures

Our Instructors are Highly Trained in the latest Safety

Perfect Timing

Now is the perfect time to start your In Class.

Affordable Fee

We know this process can be expensive.

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About Us

The school offers the following services for Teenage first-time drivers, new adult learners and existing drivers with lapsed licenses.

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604 441 3082

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Frequently AskedQuestions

Yes, you must have learners’ licence with you for joining the classes. In case you do not have licence then we will help you in getting licence also but till then you are not allowed to drive on your own.
You do not need to get any physical test before applying for your driving lesson. All students need to clear knowledge test with ICBC before starting driving lessons.
The total duration of your driving lesson depends entirely upon you. The faster you learn the faster you complete the lessons. Our driving school is open throughout the week. You can have your driving lessons on weekend only or during whole week also.
No absolutely not. Driving is all about practical work. You need not clear anything theoretical exam before finishing your course. Theory is just for your easy learning. It will help you to understand rules and regulations of driving in a better way.
Yes, but you really need to practice more and more and thoroughly because only by practicing more you can enhance your driving skills and yes of course you need a driving licence also before starting driving on road on your own.
No absolutely not. We understand the great difference between a fresher and a qualified driver. We have entirely different driving lessons for both of them. We have special refresher course for qualified drivers to freshen up their skills and detail program for novice learners.
We are one of the best driving schools in the area. We are always open for improvement and firmly believe that your feedback will make us better. In case you have any complaint, Please conatct us at via phone ot email and We will rectifiy it as soon as possible. If you didn't get any satisfactory results then you can contact us through our website or meet us in the office directly.